Mother Jailed for Pouring Gasoline on 5 Year Old Daughters Hair Setting...

Mother Jailed for Pouring Gasoline on 5 Year Old Daughters Hair Setting Her on Fire


McAlester, OK – Shana Suggs, a 25-year-old Oklahoma woman, has been jailed after she allegedly poured gasoline on her daughter’s head to treat a head lice problem – and ended up setting the little girl on fire instead.

According to police, Suggs was attempting to treat her 5-year-old daughter’s head lice problem when she brought the little girl into a bathroom and began pouring gasoline over her head.

Investigators say a nearby water heater ignited on the gasoline fumes, which set both Suggs and the little girl on fire.

Sugg’s boyfriend reportedly heard screams coming from the bathroom and used a jacket to smother out the flames – but not before the little girl was severely burned.

Prosecutors say the child suffered second and third-degree burns to more than 60 percent of her body.  Although the incident occurred in January, the girl continues to receive burn treatments at a Tulsa burn center and a Texas Shriner Hospital.

After a long investigation, Suggs was booked into the Pittsburg County Jail and charged with child abuse by injury. Her case is expected to go to trial in January.

She remains held in lieu of $25,000 bond.