Firefighter Gets High As A Kite After Rushing Into A Burning Building...

Firefighter Gets High As A Kite After Rushing Into A Burning Building Full Of Marijuana


Firefighters have extremely difficult jobs. Can you imagine how much courage it takes to run into a burning building as others are scrambling to get out? Never mind the fact that they’re hauling about 50 pounds of gear in the sweltering heat and thick smoke, with no assurance that they’ll make it out alive.

Firefighters sometimes run into strange happenings while responding to calls, too. For one man responding to a burning house in San Diego, the entire situation made him kind of… giddy. The reason why? It was full of—you guessed it—cannabis plants.

Most likely the grow house’s heat lamps caused the blaze. When the firefighter came out of the building, his reaction was priceless!

San Diego firefighters responded to a blaze in a house… full of marijuana.
Cannabis plants require heat lamps to grow properly.
The fire likely started because the homeowner had to tinker with the house’s wiring in order to create the ideal, temperate conditions for the plants…

The most amazing part of this story, though, is what happened to one of the firefighters after he got out of the building…